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Do you need a reliable grow tent for your indoor growing needs? Gorilla 8×8 grow tent is an award-winning tent that is professionally designed for both beginner and advanced growers. This grow tent is made used the latest technology that makes it the strongest and the most durable tent on the market. In fact, this tent can support immense weight of up to 300 pounds. If you want to double your yields, then you should consider gorilla 8×8 grow tent. This tent has the height-adjusting capability that ensures convenient space for stress-free maneuvering inside the tent.

Gorilla 8×8 grow tent notable features

Why is gorilla 8×8 grow tent so popular in the market? This tent has some of the most advanced features that you can never find on other grow tents on the market. Here are the to-notch features of this grow tent;

#1. Height adjusting feature

If you are looking for the tallest grow tent, then have got gorilla 8×8 grow tent. This tent is designed to increase its height from 7’ up to 10’. Therefore, this tent is the tallest hence providing you with hassle-free movement within the tent. Therefore, banging your head on the grow lights will be a thing of the past. Moreover, this tallest will allow the plants to grow to their maximum height without outgrowing the grow lights.

#2. Strongest

This is one the sturdiest tent you will ever find on the market. Gorilla 8×8 grow tent is made of one the strongest fabric ever made. Unlike the competitor tents that are made of 200-600D fabric, this tent is made of an ultra thick 1680D fabric. Therefore, this tent is 3 to 9 times denser than the competitors’ tent on the market. Also, the tent comprise of structure that is made of 100 percent pure metal. Gorilla 8×8 grow tent is much stronger than other tents which are made of plastic and aluminum structure. In this case, 8×8 gorilla grow tent can support heavy much weight as compared to the rival tents on the market.

#3. Easy installation

This is one the most reliable tent that takes little time to install. The tent comes to with easy-to-follow installation guide that makes it easier to set up to for both beginners and experts. The tent has a detachable roof and large zippers that allow quick installation.

#4. Hygienic

This is the most cleanest grow tent available on the market. It is designed to provide clean and healthy environment for your plants. “Gorilla 8×8 grow tent has bug-resistant filters”. In this case, the tent does not allow bugs to enter into the grow room. Moreover, this tent has a sturdy flood pool that protects your plants against water damage. Also, gorilla 8×8 grow tent has infrared blocking technology that blocks harmful rays from reaching your plants inside the grow room. Also, the reflective fabric of this tent helps maintain a perfect temperature inside the tent.

If you want to double your indoor yields, then you should consider gorilla 8×8 grow tent. This tent includes excellent features that make it outsmart all the competitors’ tents on the market. Gorilla 8×8 grow tent is the ultimate solution to your indoor growing needs.