A Guide on Using an 8X8 Grow Tent

An 8X8 grow tent is ideal for medium projects as the crops you want to plant will fit in the tent and still leave you with some space to tend to the crops. But there are some things you need to know before starting to use this tent. Here is guide you will find useful.

The perfect 8X8 grow tent

Generally, 8 by 8 grow tents are 8 feet in both width and length but the height varies. Choose a grow tent that has a height that is suitable for and will fit the tallest plant that can grow. Regardless of the height, a good grow tent should create a micro-environment in which the plants can grow and thrive. To provide the warmth that is needed, a grow tent needs to be fitted with a lighting system. To keep the light within the tent, the fabric used to make the tent needs to be light-proof. It should be heavy and should not let out any light to the outside. To aid this even further, the interior surface should be reflective. The frame should be sturdy enough to hold everything together including the soil or hydroponics system from which the plants will draw the nutrients. Be sure to get a tent that qualifies in all the above attributes and will serve you well and for a long time.

What lighting specifications to use?

Generally, the more the number of Watts in the grow tent the bigger the yield and the faster you can harvest. Since an 8X8 grow tent is a big area, it will require a lot of lighting. The least you can have is two 600W bulbs. Do not limit yourself to this though. Have as much light as you can afford in there and you will be happy with the results.

How many plants can fit in there?

This will depend on what you would like to grow and how big they grow to become. For plants that become medium in size when they grow, 24 plants is the perfect number. Be sure to leave each plant enough space from which to get its nutrients and grow horizontally. The smaller the mature plants the more you can grow in the tent. Be sure not to overpopulate the tent as this will cause the plants to have fewer resources to utilize for growth leading to stunted growth, low yield and other negative effects. The fewer the plants grown in the tent the more the yield and the sooner you can harvest.

Why an 8X8 grow tent?

With this tent you will be able to grow enough vegetables to feed your entire family. If it is for growing other plants other than food crops you will still be satisfied with the yield as well. You will be able to garden all year round which means winter will not come between you and your passion in gardening. How great is that? Get an 8X8 grow tent or grow room package today and start growing that plant you have always wanted to. This will be one of the best decisions you will ever make.